Our Commitment To You

We are committed to building a better Lexington through food and philanthropy. With experience in both the nonprofit and restaurant industries, we saw an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone.

So, in 2019 we set out to host dining events to support local chefs while setting aside 100% of our profits to build up our Community Impact Fund, which we use to fund efforts led by historically marginalized groups.

Even though our events are lighthearted, we take our responsibilities seriously. So, here is our commitment to you.

Historically Marginalized Groups

It is no secret that there is a diversity and inclusion issue when it comes to organizational leadership and access to capital. The same holds true for organizations here in Lexington, which can be seen for instance from the results of the CivicLex’ Nonprofit Viability report, showing a lack of leaders of color working in the space. This in turn leads to a lack of investment in organizations led by persons of color, which brings with it a whole host of issues (i.e. white savior mentality, widening inequality).

At Dine for Good, we are committed to using 100% of our profit to support organizations (both nonprofit and for-profit) and efforts that are either:

  • Led by persons of color and/or historically marginalized people
  • Filling a gap in support for communities of color and/or historically marginalized people

Wrap Around Support

We know that simply providing money to our partners won’t be enough to make systemic change. So, we’ve teamed up with the Community Innovation Lab at UK and Impaktfel, to provide wrap around support to funding recipients, to help increase their likelihood of success and increase their social impact.

When selecting partners to fund, we look for long term commitment. Most nonprofits and social entrepreneurs are tackling highly complex social issues that will take years, if not decades, to solve. Our goal is to help our partners develop holistic solutions to these issues, resulting in a better Lexington for all Lexingtonians. Impact, above all else.

Financial Efficiency & Transparency

Dine for Good is a small but nimble group of concerned residents who primarily volunteer their time to the cause. Our focus is on running lean, limiting overhead and operational costs to 20%, to ensure we maximize the amount of funding we raise from each of our events for the Community Impact Fund, while still keeping events affordable.

Local Food Ecosystem

Also, know that we are working hard to support the local food ecosystem, when possible, with a focus on BIPOC owned farms and food suppliers. From working to support small family farms and locally-owned businesses at scale, to looking for solutions to minimize food waste, we are committed to creating an ecosystem of support.