One-Of-A-Kind Dining Events

At Dine for Good, we work hard to provide you with unique dining experiences that you simply can’t get anywhere else in Lexington, KY. Whether you are looking to pick up a new skill, try something new or save some time during the week, we’ve got an event for you.

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Batch Cooking

Everyone’s busy. And, it can be especially hard to eat well during the week when you’re juggling all of your responsibilities (kids, school, work, etc.). That’s where batch cooking and meal prep come in.

Join us for a live batch cooking session with a local chef, where you’ll learn new skills, pick-up a new recipe, and walkout with a few meals for the week. Or, if you’re really in a time crunch, skip the class and swing by our kitchen to pick up your meals when ready.

We work hard with our chefs to make meals affordable, healthy, and easy to heat-up at home. Each meal you purchase includes a small donation to our Community Impact Fund. If you’re able to, we also welcome “tips” to help subsidize meals for those in need.

Cultural Exchange Potluck

Everyone loves a good potluck. You bring your signature dish and get to try a smorgasbord of food with friends. At Dine for Good, our goal is to help push you out of your comfort zone by ensuring there is a mix of food from around the world. Our hope is that you’ll learn a little bit about a new part of the world and meet your new best friend through food.

All of our potlucks are BYOB, with a recommended donation for our Community Impact Fund.

Test Kitchen Night

Have you ever wondered what goes into the making of a dish at your favorite restaurant? The reality is there is a whole lot of trial and error, with chefs looking to try out new ingredients and techniques to give you something new.

Be part of the process by joining us for Test Kitchen Night, where we invite a local chef to share their latest and greatest recipe, before it hits the menu, and get feedback directly from you.

Each ticket includes a donation to our Community Impact Fund.

Custom Events

Sometimes we just want to try something new. From BYOI (bring your own ingredient) and cook-offs, to fundraising events and cocktail parties. We love trying out new ideas, so please reach-out to us if you’ve got something in mind.