In September 2019 some concerned Lexingtonians got together and started Dine For Good based on their love for food and their experience working in both the nonprofit and restaurant industries.

Why Did We Start Dine for Good?

Our reason was threefold:

  • We simply couldn’t find some of our favorite foods around town, from xiaolongbao and hotpot, to spicy southern Indian curry and churrasco’d meats
  • We wanted to build a sustainable funding source to help course correct disparities in support for causes and projects started by persons of color
  • And, through it all, we wanted to do our best to support the local food ecosystem, from innovative local chefs looking to grow their businesses, to small family farmers trying to scale

We Can’t Do It Alone

We knew if we wanted to truly make a difference, that we couldn’t do it alone. Simply providing money wouldn’t be enough.

So, we teamed up with the Community Innovation Lab at UK, a public-private partnership helping drive community-led change, and Impaktfel, a management consultancy focused on helping nonprofits maximize their social impact, to ensure we could drive truly meaningful change for all Lexingtonians.

What’s Our Goal?

We’re holding ourselves accountable to:

  • Provide dining experiences you can’t get anywhere else in Lexington
  • Raise funds for people, causes and projects that typically go unfunded
  • Help diversify the nonprofit and start-up scene, so it better reflects Lexington
  • Create a ripple effect with our funding to drive real social change

Join Us For A Meal

We hope you’ll come out and join us for a meal. In the meantime, sign-up to stay-up to date on our latest events and news.